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Also in the area of transport and logistics we are specialists and execute all orders, also for overseas, expertly and in time. EIBU-HAMBURG PORT SERVICE delivers the tailor-made service all around your transport and logistics requirements to you.

We take over and do with pleasure all necessary formalities, as well as the cus- toms clearance, loaded with collective truck, road, or aircargo and drive hasty broadcastings with our own vehicle park to all places of the world. We deliver on time aboard at every time of day and night time, we carry your spare parts fast and in time to all harbours of Europe, and store and complete equip- ment in our free harbour store.

If you have any questions about logistic & transportation, or about subjects like pro- cessing of orders, we are everytime plea- sured to help you. Call +49.40.78 62 44.

Freight Express

City tour
We show you Hamburg from watersight and in the City. With a sightseeing city tour you get more knowledge about the city, fast and entertained. more

Bus tours in Hamburg and surroundings.
You decide, where we go. We bring you that accomplishment that you earn. How it goes, get to know here.

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Service & Help

EIBU - HAMBURG PORT SERVICE offers you compre- hensive nationwide 24h Full service on the subjects Harbour, Transfer and Logistics.

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Advise & Guidance
You wish telephone consultation, or do need help? Phone-call: +49.40.78 62 44, 24 hours a day, also on Sun- and holidays, or you use our Call-Back-Service.

Do you would like to take up contact with us? Simply use our free contact service.

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